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Among all flavours of MVC and its brothers (Model View ViewModel, Model–view–adapter, Model–view–presenter, Observer pattern, Presentation–abstraction–control, Hierarchical model–view–controller), the Microsoft implementation of the pattern in .Net MVC framework is based on Front Controller pattern and Model 2 patterns ["Programming Microsoft ASP.NET MVC" by Dino Esposito].

ASP .Net MVC – patterns of the Microsoft framework

Windows Phone 7
So I wanted to develop for the Windows Phone device. I started humble, reading and understanding any source of information. I saw a lot of MIX conferences, blogs, webcasts. After some time I got the opportunity of having a device. Naturally, I wanted to deploy my applications on the device, having a proof that they work as they were supposed to. But this wasn’t so easy!

5 Steps to Deploy on WP7 device