A very interesting feature added in WordPress is the post revisions tracking, like in version control systems. During the life of your Wordpress website database may grow bigger and filled with useless data, mostly when user prefer the built-in editor and clicks often on “Save” button .These revisions are stored the WordPress database in wp_posts table, with post_type set to ‘revision’.

WordPress – managing Post Revisions Tracking

Tinyurl.com had on its own 11 characters, bit.ly 6 characters( only half!!!) and now j.mp –only 4 characters wasted. Twitter allows only 140 characters - Need to save two characters in a tweet? You either have to use the SMS language - rework your wording by changing “people” to “ppl” or “for” to “4” for example, or, if you want to include a link, you can use a shorter URL.The natural evolution of shortening websites followed the shrinking idea: Starting with tinyurl.com who had on its own 11 characters, going to bit.ly 6 characters( only half!!!) and finishing with the newest addition, making URLs look like they were getting just a little too long, when Bit.ly introduced j.mp –only 4 characters wasted.

URL shortening too long? j.mp is the answer