Don’t be fooled that Objective-C is a Object oriented language. For decades operators overloading is something standard in almost all of them. But in Objective-C you don’t have it. Mostly, I believe that comes from the struggle of Apple guys to assure the stability of the system. A lot of errors can come from poorly designed overloads, thus the crashes can appear.

Xcode – String concatenation

I just started the most interesting lab of my life : Programming Apple’s iPhone using a MacBook with Cocoa Touch. It is held in Frauhover FIT, under Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Prinz and Dr. Wolfgang Gräther. In this lab we will start develop an iPhone application using Usability principles, Apple’s User interface Guides.

Baby step into Apple’s iPhone programming – Cocoa Touch

Starting today, I work as a Student Helper in Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology. The branch from Sankt Augustin, which I joined, is focused on the research of human-centered computing in a process context. I will activate in the Cooperation and Community Support department, which deals with the research […]

Working in Fraunhofer Institute of Technology