1 month since LASIK

Presenting my own LASIK surgery experience

So it’s been now 1 month since I had my LASIK surgery. In this month I had a very strict program with my drops provided by EyeStar center. I used them as prescribed. I believe that my eyes didn’t need so much artificial tears, but if the doctor says it is important you have to take them!

During my reading of the file that I received from Eyestar I noticed that they prohibit very clear to rub your eyes because the flap might move. But nowhere is mentioned how you realize that the flap actually moved. After discussing with Mr. Fred, Foreign patient coordinator, I found out that if the flap is moved, your vision decreases very much, so it would be like you need glasses again.

Everything is ok, I can see very well. I found out that there are few self-testing eye charts to measure your vision. You just have to print the PDF files and you can see for your self how well you actually see. But be careful: none of this will replace professional help! So if you feel that something’s wrong, you should see a doctor right away.

The eye check files are suitable for printing on letter sized paper:

  1. Classic eye chart PDF
  2. Chart R
  3. Chart 1
  4. Chart 2

During this month I had some small issues – few times, under my upper eye lid, I felt like some dust accumulated there, but they passed after one day.

Things that I was careful about (it might seem crazy for you, but imagine that these are your ONLY eyes):

  1. I was careful not to go out in winds or stay in the face of an air conditioner.
  2. When I went out in crowded places, I always wear my Uvex i-vo protective glasses so even if someone is not very careful and hits me by mistake, my flap won’t move.
  3. Took my medicine as prescribed
  4. Worked fewer hours per day in front of the computer
  5. Had 5 minutes break at each 55 minutes of work at computer
  6. I’ve avoided as much as possible dusty areas, barbecues, bars who allow smoking inside

This is my personal experience. Looking back, I am sorry only that I didn’t do this simple operation earlier.