Yearly Archives: 2009

So I applied for Technorati enrollment and they gave me the KNQ3S98TZ58S token for verification. I have to just create a new blog entry and publish in it to verify my domain claim. That’s the price to get into their area. Enjoy!

Technorati checks my blog

In order to understand the need of changing the screen orientation on a Microsoft Surface, you might want to think aboutthe situation in which you have casual visitors, who sit in pairs working on one Surface, you might considering rotating the window such that the ’Down’ of the application would be the nearest edge to them.

Change screen orientation of a Microsoft Surface application

A very interesting feature added in WordPress is the post revisions tracking, like in version control systems. During the life of your Wordpress website database may grow bigger and filled with useless data, mostly when user prefer the built-in editor and clicks often on “Save” button .These revisions are stored the WordPress database in wp_posts table, with post_type set to ‘revision’.

WordPress – managing Post Revisions Tracking

I faced an issue while working with an xml file in Flash. I was unable to parse the xml data using the normal E4X syntax such as xml.node1.node2. It would give an error. The only thing different about this particular xml is that it has a lot of namespaces declared in it. After going through the documentation I found out a way to handle this issue.

Handle XML with namespaces