Radu Poenaru - Senior Web Developer and Consultant in Angular SPAs with ASP .Net MVC working at https://ITBrainiacs.com.

About me

 At Alensa company, I didn't miss challenges - almost weekly I had one.I enjoy developing software applications. More than this I love to learn new technologies, tricks, stuff to do your already overwhelmed life a little bit easier.

I appreciate to have space to decide and creatively achieve my tasks, creating software to better user – product interaction. My struggle is to offer the user the nicest experience, to be on top of our competitors through the flexibility and reliability that only the bleeding edge technologies can offer. On profession side, I enjoy to be part of the decisional structure, to take part in defining short and long term goals and also to bring my contribution by suggesting new approaches, basing my opinions on testing and proving the reliability of new configurations.

I am a Certified Microsoft specialist:

I am also a Certified Trainer by Microsoft

Radu Poenaru - Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in SQL 2005

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in ASP .Net 3.5

Radu Poenaru - Microsoft Business Solution Software Engineer

https://mcp.microsoft.com/authenticate/validatemcp.aspx with the credentials: Transcript ID: 770644    Access Code: radupoenaru


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I am a self learner, digging on the internet in search for high quality sources, articles, books that can improve myself as a professional software engineer. My career started in 2002 in Softwise Development company, with an interesting multi threading Delphi application, which was one of the first desktop interfaces for Yahoo Groups. I continued with a lot of interesting projects that I developed and managed to completion.

Later on, in 2004, my career path took me to Totalsoft, where I joined the team of Business Commander, an huge ERP application targeted to pharmaceutical companies owning huge warehouses – handling  all business needs throug purchase, selling, forcasting, sales force automation (where I improved the already existing Windows CE application) etc. From time to time, when the clients didn’t asked for new features, I handled few developments for the Ringier’s group ERP application which allowed them to improve their presence on Romanian market and also did few hundreds of hours developing features for the Romanian Copyright Office website.

After this, I joined Novensys Corporation team for building customized solutions on Microsoft Navision platform (which was later on merged into Microsoft Dynamics) and got my first certifications as Microsoft developer. Some time later, a new opportunity appeared and I took part in the Totec project as part of Ubisoft Romania Romania’s ERP team. Me and the rest of the team developed a Peoplesoft customization for improving the order flow in the company.

At Alensa company I started in 2007 and I didn’t miss challenges – almost weekly I had at least a new one. I did a lot of architecting, developed and managed, as Lead developer and Team leader the entire application lifecycle of our ASP .Net website backed up by a Microsoft SQL 2005 database. I acted as a CTO, managing the configuration and maintenance of both software and hardware on the company web server, choosing the best hosting, configuring the team’s environment – we started with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, then moved to CVS and finally settled to a HTTPS install of SVN, tools for bug tracking, testing environment structured in 3 layers and many others – day to day I went to office smiling and enjoying the solutions found to the tricky challenges posed by my day to day work.

I always seek to stay in touch with the latest developments in technology and also to share my knowledge with others. Thus I joined Microsoft Student Partner program which gave me the opportunity to learn directly from Microsoft Evangelists during coding camps, to participate to world class conferences (TechEd 2010) as social media reporter, to test mobile devices and to give this all back to the students community organizing and presenting workshops. During this period, I tremendously developed my presentation skills learning to adapt the key concepts of the message to the audience’s technical level and cultural particularities through a Microsoft Certified Trainer training.

My current position is Senior Software Engineer at a multinational media company. I work on the core product, which allows the import of video and audio files from software and hardware sources, processing, annotation and meta-data generation, interfacing with web frontends and desktop clients. Using Agile techniques and acting sometimes as a Scrum master, me and my team produce archiving solutions for broadcast companies. I also organize and present internal workshops on the the above themes in the Kaiserslautern branch.

I have a big passion for technology in general. I always tried to understand other technologies besides Microsoft ones in order to be able to have an answer to the most important question – “Why  and when should one use the Microsoft technologies?”. I developed in Borland Delphi for 4 years, I created Peoplesoft customizations, also developed iPhone applications and Ruby on Rails websites with PostgreSQL database. I constant customize and develop for my WordPress blog – www.radupoenaru.com – in PHP, JQuery, Javascript and MySQL.

The technologies in which I developed applications are:

  • .Net ( advanced ): Visual Studio  2005, 2008 and 2010 using C# language, AJAX
  • Silverlight, ASP .Net(certified) and MVC, WPF / WCF, RIA Business Application
  • jQuery and jQueryUI, KnockoutJS

  • IIS 6 and IIS 7 – setup and administration
  • SQL 2000 and 2005(certified) – install, maintenance and TSQL development
  • Ruby on Rails, JQuery and PostgreSQL
  • iPhone iOS – Cocoa Touch with XCode and Interface Builder
  • PHP /MySQL (for this blog)

  • Borland Delphi 5, 6, 7 ENTREPRISE:
  • Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks ;
  • PHP, MySQL (medium) ;
  • Apache WebServer (beginner)– installing, basic configuration;