Apple’s Xcode : symbol(s) not found at Line Location Tool:0

I am a begginer in XCode. My first real application for iPhone requires connection to a webservices. Since I wanted to use RPC XML or Soap, I searched on internet and found few examples (Apple programmers aren’t so into code sharing) to implement my requests. I want to mention that since the app is in the stage of proof of concept, the code is still not structured in classes separating the data and business layers as should.

So I took the example from CocoaDev and expected to run flawlessly.

But after pasting the code in my application and build it, a lot of unknown errors started to show:

Do you understand that a dependency is missing?

Already 6 errors as written in the status bar, but seems more in the error folder. Some names were covered by color for product privacy.

But where those error come from ?

Line Location Tool:0 ? Where is that? No documentation, unfortunately.

Another lead might be the file in which the error occured – the .o file. After some research, I found out that this is the object file. COMPILED object file, so no help in this direction either.

Double clicking on the error line takes me nowhere, so I’m alone facing this strange error.

Reminding myself of first versions of Visual Studio, I blindly guessed that maybe some strange resource isn’t loaded. But the system didn’t proposed me to add a reference to that resource. Also the fact that the editor colored the code lead me to the conclusion that all references are in place.

After some frustrating hours in which I wondered how the Apple’s usability didn’t reach also the development tools area, I got back to my last idea: some resource isn’t added properly.

So I found that the functions that I require for my program are in the CoreServices framework. After a not so quick (nobody seems to need to manually add this framework) I found out how to add it to my project. You have  to right click on Frameworks directory in the right, in Groups&Files panel, and choose Add –> Existing frameworks, like in the picture below:

Apple Xxode - add an Existing Framework, the ServiceCore

Then you must enlarge the new window that pops up, in order to better see the alternatives as in the picture below. Choose the Framework directory, then click on CoreServices framework. Click on Accept.

Choose the framework.

After this, a new screen proposes you to add the reference on a specific project (why not added automatically on active and single project I didn’t find out by now) as in the picture below. Just click Add and the reference will be added under Frameworks in your project.

Adding dependencies to a project. 

After this, compile the sources (Mac key+ B) and voila! No more errors!

Compilation succeeded !

Hope it will help you, and don’t forget that all comments and suggestions are welcome!