Brainstorming 2

In a previous post I explained the facts that forced us to re-think our project idea. Basically, our cool idea of an iPhone tied to a skateboard to create a exertion game require too much programming time. So we searched another idea who is required to be simpler and easy to be implemented in the remaining time.

So we got us a round table (the ones in BIT cafeteria are the best!) and put our minds to work.

First step : Use the Initial Design Techniques – Brainstorming (as learned in DIS I)

Our goal: collect as many ideas of exertion game as we can
Defer judgment, no criticism, no rejection of ideas
Include all ideas, allow also the leapfrog ideas

1. Virtual basket
2. Ping-pong game to the wall
3. Squash
4. Throw a ball to a target
5. Boxing
6. Throwing paper balls to garbage – fun in offices

After some debate we agreed to pursue in implementing the 4th idea. We will try to create an exertion game which will be composed from:

  • a board which will act like a hit sensitive projection screen,
  • a projector to display the target on the screen
  • the software behind to calculate:
    • hit points,
    • decide if user hit the target
    • scoring and level finishing

To have a clear idea of our game we created also a small storyboard: