Breiny – Master thesis application

Yesterday I did the last step in my Media Informatics master endeavor: I presented my master thesis. After quite a few months of development on the Microsoft Surface, the application that resulted was a good start for a (possible) commercial product.

We started from the idea that a multitouch table device would offer more space, possibilities and opportunities to improve the collaboration and communication in the brainstorming phase of any project. This evolved very much during the development and conceiving the master thesis. It became a tool which not only supported and enhanced collaboration, but also, to name a few:

  • offered clues gathered from Twitter and Flickr images,
  • free drawing and sketching,
  • text input using the virtual keyboard,
  • audio recognition features,
  • save / load of session,
  • integration with a CRM, serving as repository;
  • user-friendly navigation in sessions using also the CRM repository interface.
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