Curs Valutar - helping you to keep up with Romanian currency rates Uses: Borland Delphi 7 VCL, HTTP, HTML Parsing, JavaScript, PHP server side script

The program parses web pages from Romanian National Bank site (, offering the latest currency ratings, among with a currency calculator, a very useful converter. The program was designed by me in Softwise Development company as a low resource program, hidden in the tray bar of Windows, while periodically checking BNR site and warning the refreshing of the currencies rate. Another feature is that it shows the trend of the user selected currency over the time, allowing you know how it fluctuates  – improving the user decision.

The application is designed to be used as a simple, easy to use tool, providing without any previously knowledge of software usage the full functionality and power to the end user.It also has enough options to allow user to customize the time of refreshing data from the BNR site, the visible currencies (although all are refreshed, user may want to see just a number of them), the program start), and the calculator part – a tool visible in the main window of program (in right-bottom corner), but also in a separate window, which can be set to become visible as user clicks on the tray icon.

Another feature of the programs is that it pops-up a hint when a new currencies ratings become available,

letting user to know that he is able to see them. Also, a window that stays on top (Eye-on-the-ratings) allows user to see without loosing space, the latest ratings, also being shown if ratings are old or not, allowing him co concentrate on working with other programs, meanwhile consulting the ratings.

Server scripting side

This program is adware, that means is free,but used as a tool of advertisement,composed from two main systems created by myself, for increasing flexibility:

– in the upper part of the application part, which permits showing banners of 468*60 pixels images and multimedia (e.g. flash movies), which has an own management system (refreshing time, address redirecting , on click and on show statistics) dynamically generated with a PHP script;

– popup feature – images and multimedia (e.g. flash movies), has its own management part, having settings like number of appearances, order, positioning on screen, statistics on click and on show.

Some print screens of the application:

CursVal1 CursVal2
CursVal3 CursVal4
CursVal5 CursVal6CursVal7

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