Discussions with EyeStar Patient Coordinators

Presenting my own LASIK surgery experienceAfter setting my “eyes” (kind of strange to say that isn’t it) on a company that does LASIK, I started to use a very nice feature of their website: instant messaging with the Patient coordinators. First I discussed with Mr. Fred, who was more than happy to clarify all my doubts and respond to all my questions. Then I was impressed that they had a Romanian native speaker in their team and I continued my discussion with her.

Usually, I read on internet articles and later asked them about what I’ve read, in order to create an educated opinion. Frankly, to allow someone to cut your eyes you have to really trust that person.

I’ve learned a lot about the LASIK process, but also some facts on my own:

1. You should really prepare a pair of sun glasses. You’ll use them in the lunch break, after you had your eye fundus inspected. This inspection requires also to have dilated pupils, so they’ll pour few atropine drops. When you’ll want to go outside, your eyes might go crazy and you’ll tear like hell (at least I did).

2. Have someone with you – this will give you more confidence if you’re an emotional type and also will help you during the time when atropine is still in effect. I mention this also because in Istanbul the traffic is different than everything that I saw. Both cars and pedestrians don’t care of red semaphore sign. We wanted to see and eat in the lunch break on the most famous street in Istanbul,Ä°stiklâl Caddesi (Independence Avenue). So I had to cross a few large streets in full mid-day light – imagine doing this with your tearing eyes and cars passing by you having around 60 km per hour.

3. It is better to stay at hotel in the first evening after operation. I asked and got permission from Cezmi KahvecioÄŸlu, MD to go in that evening to a Turkish evening. It supposed to start around 21:00 and I thought that I can make it. After the operation, I was driven by the EyeStar driver back to hotel (around 18:30), I put on my drops and go to a quick nap. But I wasn’t able to get up at 20:00 because when I tried to open my eyes I couldn’t do that because they burned quite bad so I went back to sleep.

4. If you want to also visit a little bit of Istanbul you can use a very nice protective pair of glasses, shown below. Cheap but protective with your LASIK eyes pair of glassesThey are actually professional protective glasses made by Uvex : i-vo (they are around 10-15 €). They will protect your eyes in the first days and also make me more comfortable in crowded areas, where someone can easily hit you by mistake. Can be adjusted in several ways and are very comfortable. But keep in mind to have ALWAYS with your eye drops. Especially the tears are important in first days, as you go outside it might be recommended to put more times per day the artificial tears if you feel your eyes dry.

5. I strongly recommend that you have your shower / head hair bath in the morning of operation. This way you’ll avoid being extra careful not to get shower gel in your eyes.


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