DocVault - the keeper of your documents: archiving and securing them Uses: Borland Delphi 7 VCL, Windows API

Data security is the priority of this program, mainly used for sending important data trough unsecured mediums – like internet or e-mail. The program uses state of the art algorithms in encrypting area (MD5, RSA algorithms with encrypting on different key sizes) and was developed while working in Softwise Development.

The program is creating a file, the result of encrypting algorithms applied to all files or directories with files selected by user, result which is a self-extracting program, using no dll’s additionally, also increasing this way the security. A compression algorithm built-in program allows you to easily decrease the resulted .exe size to smallest possible.

The program is composed from two parts:
– Master – the program itself
– Client – the generated program containing the selected files

DocVault’s main features include:

– Four levels of encryption, from Low to Supreme, allow you to choose the level of security you wish to use.

– When you send a Vault, it is self-decrypting, so the person receiving the vault does not need any software to open it, they just enter the password.

– Auto Mail option lets you email a Vault with two clicks of the mouse!

– Save Vault lets you store your private files on a computer securely, no one will be able to view them without the password you designate, it’s like creating a "Virtual Fort Knox" for your files!

– DocVault is very easy to use, yet it is the most powerful tool of its kind.

Master part of DocVault

Uses: Delphi VCL, ZIP/RAR type compression, crypting on multiple levels of security (Keys on 128, 192, 256 bits), *.exe file generation.

Program creates a executable crypted and compressed to keep data confidential. Could generate executable with ex_ extension for easy mail sending.

DocVault is the state of the art file protection system that allows you to send confidential files safely over the Net and store them securely on your computer using the latest encryption and compression technologies.

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 DocVault master - Main interface DocVault master - Password menuDocVault master - Properties panel

Client (generated part)

Uses : API, ZIP/RAR type compression, decrypting on multiple levels of security(Keys on 128, 192, 256 bits)

Description: Completely done in API, auto decompress on a password selected files – all or just some. Custom welcome messages allows you to send messages to your partners, or set an hint about the password etc.

The built-in security system closes this application after 10 unsuccessful password entering times.

Also, it lets you extract not only all, but also user chosen files from all inside, exactly what you need, and do not need to extract all and then erase something – a plus of security, I think.


DocVault Client with custom password field DocVault Client with customizable about dialog

No download available, ask at office for more information. Or you can take a look on the Softwise Development website to find out more.