Expert Student Partner

As part of Microsoft Student Partner organisation (MSP),  I am trying my best to EVANGELIZE: promote Microsoft technologies through workshops, presentations, representing the organisation in front of the students:

We are the Evangelist of Students for the Students!

As I enrolled, I was on the lowest position : Junior Student Partner. What this meant for me? I got the opportunity to be part of the most awesome geek organisation, where only the imagination is the limit: there is actually a Imagine CUP! As junior, I was able to tap into the organisation’s resources, to be able to organize and present workshops, contact the other members for support, share amazing experiences like programming on Windows Phone 7 when it wasn’t even available on the market. Lots of cool stuff made generously available by Microsoft.

There are 3 levels of activity recognition in Microsoft Student Partners as developer (for the   :

– Junior Student Partner: basic stuff – access to the network, support and help to start presenting; to requirements to the next step are to have a certain amount of student hours (in my case 60h, but can vary from country to country, check the latest organisation’s internally available docs) AND have a certification of your preferred technology – in my case was ASP .Net 3.5; Student hours are computed in a simple way, for example if you have a presentation of 1 hour attended by 15 students you will have 15 student hours( 1h * 15 students ).

– Student Partner: there’s starts the value to be shown, where people start believing in you and give you more responsibilities like representing MSP in prestigious events like TechEd or CeBIT, you get unlimited vouchers to certify yourself, order books, MSDN ULTIMATE licence;

– Expert Student Partner: you get more prestige in the organisation based on your performance, access to the Microsoft Certified Training offered free of charge by Microsoft;

So now I am Expert and looking forward to the MCT certification!

Of course, there might be different things when you read this article in the steps of the organisation and you must first check if they still apply!