Flex 3 debugging && Nod32 != Love

While working at Fraunhofer FIT, I had few small projects to develop internal modules for extending the interaction between researchers. The technologies were set from the start to Flex 3 and ActionScript.

As starter in Flex, but not ActionScript, I was quite anxious to begin coding in this interesting tool. But after I created my new Workspace (seems that now everyone creates its own paradigm for Project) and wrote some code, I hit a wall: the  Flex IDE debugger interface raised an error that he couldn’t connect to the Flash debugger:Flex3_1

I started to find a fix to this problem by reinstalling from Adobe website the latest version of their Flash player debugger( Tried to connect, but same error occurred again. Downgrading the Flash player debugger didn’t solved the problem, neither changing the target browser from Internet Explorer 7 to Firefox3.

After several hours spent into this problem I found the issue: the firewall that I had installed. Seems that good firewalls have a lot of options  and features that both secure the Internet browsing experience, but also enforce a very high level of security. Basically, it blocked all my Flex IDE calls to Flash debugger running in a browser instance.

The solution is pretty simple after you find it:

  1. open the Nod32 window and switch to Advanced Mode:Nod32

  2. Choose from the left menu Setup > Antivirus & AntiSpyware and from the right panel under Web Access protection area click on Configure:Nod32_2

  3. Navigate in tree from the left to Antivirus and antispyware/Web access protection/Web browsers and in the right panel search for IExplore.exe and uncheck the box:Nod32_3

  4. Hit Ok and see the result:



Hope it helped you !