Follow-up of Windows Phone 7 workshop

After presenting my latest WP7 workshop, I have quite a few nice impressions: all students were eager to learn, to discover, lots of questions were asked. We created a nice Twitter application based on the default Panorama template, learning about XAML and its advantages, how to use Blend to enhance the user visual experience, how to help our designer colleagues by creating mocked data such that while we develop they design on real data, how to use MVVM – in one word, a real startup in Windows Phone 7 developer career.

And, as usual, we didn’t finish at 16 as proposed because the enthusiasm of the participants. Eager to know, eager to learn- how can we possible fix a deadline?

The thing that spiced up our workshop was the nice contest that me as representative of Microsoft Student Partners and our Microsoft leaders setup for our colleagues: the chance of winning a Microsoft Certification Voucher!

Underneath are some pictures from the event: