Forestry - the green project administering forests all over the world Uses: Borland Delphi 7 VCL, Microsoft Access Database, User Accessibility

Very technical project, using numerous tables from a database to estimate the average growth of a number of forests. I had developed it in Softwise Development company, having given by the client the tree characteristics (maximum age, average growth per year, indexes of growth etc) and the activities that must be done periodically to ensure the best efficiency. The user of this kind of application will have a general idea of what is to do in the next period of time to the forests that he administers.

Using defined site (forest), created from different species of trees, and estimating their growth, a modern manager can exploit his resources better, but not loose from mind the ecological part of this enterprise.Based on scientific calculations, the bases of a rationality and profitability of owning forest and administering them are now available to the science and business people.

Using this tool, the people can make decisions based on facts and numbers, maximizing their results, and minimizing the effort.

Another feature of the product is flexibility of font size, users can use different DPI settings to accommodate the applications to their eye comfort. The text of the application (including the one on the main menu or labels) can be easily shrunken or enlarged based on the system settings.

Some screenshots:

Forestry3 Forestry1  Forestry2 Forestry4

No download available, ask at office for more information. Or you can take a look on the Softwise Development website to find out more.