Google toolbar – Firefox enhancement

When I use Mozilla Firefox I want to be able to see the content of pages, not to have my screen cluttered with lots and lots of toolbars. But when doing searches with built-in search area in this browser, I lack the highlighting feature of Google Toolbar. Not to mention the word search, handled so easy in it by pressing auto created buttons for each word.

So I tried to replicate the Google toolbar in the browser interface, but without adding the entire toolbar.

This can be done very easy, by following the next steps:

1. Install Google toolbar if you don’t have it already  from . The installation is very well explained, so I will not do it again.

2. In Firefox, with Google Toolbar visible, insert some words into its search area then click the Search button.

FF with words

3. Right-click on the browser top area and choosing Customize, like in the following picture:


4. Grab the words area from toolbar, like in the pictures below, and move it up, near the Firefox default search area. Do the same with highlighting tool.

Words Words 2


5. Now right click like in point 3 and make your Google Toolbar invisible.

And VOILA! You have an uncluttered, clean and neat search area that uses Google’s main interesting features.