IdeaPitch – built on Microsoft Surface

I am very close to finish another project in Fraunhofer FIT: IdeaPitch on the Microsoft Surface.

This concept is very simple, you are able to “store” ideas in a repository, created using PHP and MySQL, and later on manipulate it on Microsoft Surface, along with the rest of the contributors. Other clients, iPhone and Air, were developed and are able to connect to the repository and register the ideas there. They are acting like individual clients, the iPhone can’t be used comfortable by more than one person. Not to mention that this is kind of personal device by its nature.

The Surface application allows users to connect to a PHP webservice which provides the interface to the small repository for “ideas”, the transfer is using XML to provide a easy way to consume data. Below you can see some photos which depict how these ideas are shown. The application uses quite a lot from the surface features – multitouch, special contextual menus – different for “idea” representation and for the main surface, a custom built management interface, allowing easy saving and restore of the session from the repository.

My experience on Microsoft Surface

It features “agents” which can:

  • send the message back to the sender,
  • “duplicate” the message
  • send it to a timer
  • to a random logged in user by using the “decide”
  • … and worth mention also to a Nabaztag, the funny white wireless rabbit!

I have the feeling that this app will be demoed soon in some fairs or conferences regarding communication and collaboration where Fraunhofer FIT will be represented!

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