Latest Flash UI changes

Final preparations for tomorrow’s big show! See below the latest Flash movie.

We added :

  • sounds in our application, allowing user to get auditive feedback
  • background and confirmation for hit sounds for improving the User Experience, creating an immersive experience who tries to transpose the user into the real wood atmosphere
  • self generating levels, allowing users to improve themselves beyond our ideas about their possibilities: the user gets 60 seconds levels in which he has to hit more and more animals as he becomes better in targeting ( and in ball retrieval 🙂 )
  • changed the aspect ratio of the game from 4:3 to 16:9 to better use the whiteboard’s surface
  • we dropped a lower right sensor from our latest setup to improve the quality of sensor reading. The reason is that wooden board conducts very well the sound. Thus, too close sensors can receive same signal in almost the same moment, given false positive responses.

After some live tests with our entire platform configured, we noticed that sometimes the software interface between Arduino’s serial port and Flash application freezes. Hope we’ll not encounter this tomorrow!

Bellow is the final version of the application.