Mergus Product Manager

Uses: Borland Delphi 7 VCL, Microsoft Access Database, User Accessibility

This application was developed by me for Softwise Development to accomplish the needs of a client in administering its furniture chain of shops.

So, as Project manager, I have designed a solution, keeping in mind the possible evolution of this enterprise. I was using a system of managing clients and suppliers, the available furniture, the accounting in/out documents. This application was designed to be simple, to be used efficiently, fast and reliable by people who didn’t had any programmatically skills, in a fast and reliable application.

It is mainly composed from few parts:

  • Suppliers management – here, every supplier have some characteristics, like address, accounting data, registration number etc.
  • Documents management – each document added has also some characteristics like number, payment mode, transportation vehicle etc
  • Report generation – there are some reports available (needed by client)
    • by document
    • general (total stock)
    • detailed on document
    • Reception document (NIR) which are generated from the documents selected, on a selected period;

Also, to increase flexibility, a backup tool was created, along with a backup restoration, cleaning/emptying the database procedures allowing to the client that he can work only with some amount of data, while preserving the rest of the information in a safe place.

Mergus - Furniture input panel Mergus - Managing documents 

No download available, ask at office for more information. Or you can take a look on the Softwise Development website to find out more.