Microsoft Certified Trainer

I am also a Certified Trainer by Microsoft

After earning the ultimate title in the MSP world, Microsoft Expert Student Partner, a new opportunity was offered: a Microsoft Certified Trainer training. How can one refuse that, especially that was so kindly (and free of charge) provided by Microsoft Germany? The only drawback was that it was completely presented in German and this is not really my strong point.

Become part of an elite, international community that spans more than 150 countries and regions and includes classroom and e-learning instructors, learning consultants, authors, conference presenters, and user group leaders. Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies, and are the only individuals authorized to deliver training for Microsoft Certification. Learn how you can join this exclusive group of IT professionals and developers and reap the benefits of membership. [from Microsoft website]

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Last Monday it started: we were asked to prepare a short presentation, as a base for our progress during the week and each one of us took his turn; at the each presentation’s end, we discussed what was good and what can be improved. You, dear reader, can try it also at home. All you need is a photo camera capable of recording and a set of slides – you might be amaized how good it works in improving by yourself this set of skills. Use the monitor as the projected area of a beamer, set your camera to capture you and the screen and hit the Record button!

Next, we started learning different types of presentation surface, with their advantages and disadvantages – pin-board, whiteboard, paperboard, beamer; how to swich between the mediums such that the presentation is fluent and the attendees would not loose the track of what is presented; we discussed about body language, how to solve conflicts that might occur- don’t laugh, some people have problems with anger management and then this might prove useful.
We had some labs, where we were asked to produce different artifacts, to better manage time, even draw by hand and tips and tricks how to improve the calligraphy – writing on paper can be difficult, not to mention to produce nice letters!
And so the week passed and the exam day arrived – on Friday we had our tests in order to prove that we’ve learned and assimilated all the required knowledge. Actually, the exam was more a normal presentation, since we’ve had so much feedback during the week. Everybody was prepared and we delivered a nice show. And, more important, we all promoted this exam!