Microsoft Student Partners


Today I had the pleasure to make the first step in Microsoft Student Partners organization (West Germany branch).

It all started when I went to a very interesting workshop on Windows 7 VHD, presented by Daniel Neumann.

So I applied by sending to Microsoft Student Partners enrollment e-mail address a cover letter, my cv and a short description. After a while, I got a call from Anton Schweizer, Senior Student Partner, and I was invited to an interview.

I also had to prepare a presentation. It supposed to be a 10 minutes long presentation on a technical theme. Because I like very much Silverlight, I started preparing it as main subject.

The interview was very relaxed and I got the usual questions: why do I want to join Microsoft Student Partners, why Microsoft, how much time can I invest in this, where and when can I prepare workshops, discussions on Microsoft products.

Basically, I understood that the duties of a Student partners are very similar to ones of Microsoft Evangelist:

  • create presentations for its colleagues in University
  • prepare workshops and assist students while working on a certain theme
  • involve itself in the students life and present Microsoft technologies to them

Very interesting .. I just wait to start! They said that I will get soon a response regarding my application.


Later edit: