MIX09 Scott Hanselman’s FILE|New Project …

Scott Hanselman had a presentation at Mix 09 conference – File | New Company: Creating NerdDinner.com with Microsoft ASP.NET MVC. This was in its unique style – fun,  rich in content, tricks, advices but most of all was fun.

This year he managed to create a new type of presentation – without the actual presentation! No more constrained to some slides, just him, Visual Studio and the audience. Yes, the audience – who seemed to absorb any words spoken there, helping Scott with few advices in some key points.

Mix09 Hanselman

What can a man do in the 75 minutes allotted?

In the case of Scott Hanselman .. a LOT !

Some key points of his presentation, hosted also on his website:

  1. XHTML Strict – Showing an easy way to to validate a site as XHTML Strict by using ASP.NET MVC. He pointed out that “You’ve got complete control over every bit that goes out on the wire. I’m still not 100% convinced that XHTML Strict is as crucially important as the <ul-mafia/> says it is, but it’s a simple thing to do it you keep the markup clean, simple and semantic.”
  2. Mobile and ASP.NET MVC -   Easy  to make a site done in ASP.NET MVC, but not started with a mobile target in mind, to be available also on mobile devices.
  3. Rules. They drive our life why they don’t drive our programming also? Scott has a good point in proposing a fallback strategy who can work neatly for almost any mobile device capable of internet technology.
  4. Windows Mobile and iPhone – Interesting point – move all the features also to competitors – Microsoft has passed the bridge to propose also to the programmers an iPhone alternative, although the Apple keeps iPhone application development captive to Apple world.

Final word: If you found this interesting, more conferences can be found on Mix 09 Sessions Site.