MSP Summit 2010


On 17th of September the Microsoft Student Partners  Summit 2010 was held. We were invited by our Community colleagues to München. The joy started by being taken by a nice bus and head on to road and no one knew at that time were we are taken but the Community MSP. Everything was surrounded by mystery and the software theme was Windows Phone 7, Cloud and Internet Explorer 9.

So I left Bonn with my colleagues towards München in a beautiful morning, packed with 2 days supplies and my laptop. When I arrived in Microsoft HQ in München I shot this picture:

Me at Microsoft HQ in München

This year’s theme was a video received from Dr. Notech, an illustrious fighter against technology. We were supposed to deal with him later.

So we hit the road!

On the Highway to Austria

After a while, I noticed a very nice sign welcoming us in Austria!Unfortunately, we drove too fast for me to photograph it! After few hours of beautiful landscapes which reminded me of Romanian mountains, we arrived at our destination: a very nice hostel who was already prepared to welcome us after quite a long road with food and relaxation.

Microsoft Students Alliance gathering target.

After we relaxed a little bit, we were invited to attend some presentations about Windows Phone 7 and Internet Explorer 9. We were updated by Microsoft Evangelists Tom Wendel and Oliver Scheer.My Badge

Then, our task for that weekend was communicated for us: we had to develop, in teams, compass applications for catching Dr. Notech. Given the coordinates, our apps should allow us to easily go to them. It seemed quite a tough task for an evening, but we got to the development happy. Quickly, the room filled with laptops and busy students. The Evangelists were very happy to help us with guidance through our development and I had a lot of fun working with my colleagues.

The atmosphere was very relaxed, filled with bits of programming and beer. It was so cool!

Second day, we woke up at 8.30 – really tough after going to bed at 3:00 am.. But we were ready for the next adventure – again clouded in mystery!

We drove to a Hochseil Park, practically a large collection of lots of cables going from one side to the other of a mountain valley. Beautiful landscapes as usual!

Beautiful Saalbach Hochseil Park

After a full day of flying(unfortunately I didn’t flew, but maybe next time), we headed back to the hostel, where a nice and healthy barbecue awaited for us. And of course, bier!

During the evening, we had a cool presentation of the most active members of Microsoft Student Partners program. Of course we couldn’t sleep before 1am – the party was so nice in a geek sense! We had the opportunity to make connections, share info about our workshops, make suggestions to our leader.

Next day, we started the most important mission: find Dr. Notech’s clues and release our colleague, held prisoner in a secret place by the evil doctor!

Searching for Dr. Notech

Of course it was fun! A little bit tiring too to climb those hills!Such a beautiful landscape!

After a successful mission, we released our colleague and regain our forces with a coffee and lunch.

Then, off we go! Back to München by bus, train back to Bonn .. arriving around 11.30 in my room, tired and sleepy. Austria is beautiful!

But it worth it!