My own LASIK experience

Presenting my own LASIK surgery experienceIn this series of articles I will present my own experience with LASIK. All started around 4 years ago when I was  so disappointed in wearing gasses in winter time. Any time when I went from freezing outside to the warm of a shop, by example, my glasses become full of condensed water. If you have glasses you understand what I mean, if not, think to the car’s wind shield in winter, full of water drops and you’ll get the picture.

This isn’t just about winter, but also the summer. Imagine that you go to the beach and go for a swim and when you want to go back to your blanket, you may find it quite hard because you’re short-sight.

This all convinced me to search for a treatment. My cousin did a LASEK operation and although she had very good results, she suffered a lot of pains. I was quite scarred because of this, because such a pain can make your life quite bad – it makes you nervous, irritable, not focusing well – I presume you understand the problem.

Each one experience is unique, so I don’t pretend that I have the ultimate answer to “Is the LASIK the best for me?” or “Will I see perfectly after?”.

Disclaimer: This is ONLY my experience and I will not accept any responsibilities of your actions following my story. Please ask a doctor opinion for professional facts and response.

The entire process (the research more than the operation itself) took a lot of time for me because I am a real internet digger and wanted to understand very well the procedure. Not to mention that my eyes deserve the best treatment. I’ve searched a lot on Internet and forums – I also want to underline the importance of informing process. So I’ve created several articles who (hopefully) get you a clear idea of how I tried to get an educated decision:

  1. Research on LASIK topic and other people’s experience
  2. Discussion with the clinic’s personnel
  3. Trip and LASIK Operation
  4. I’m after a month now!

This article will be read also by Cezmi KahvecioÄŸlu, MD, the doctor that performed the surgery, and Mrs. Flori Vladeanu, Foreigner Patient Coordinator, who helped me understand in Romanian the entire process.  If they consider that there are some additions / clarifications / mistakes I’ll insert them into the article, so all of you, my dear readers, to have the best experience when reading this article.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this. For me it is a good experience and by now I’m satisfied with the results.

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