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Novensys - Microsoft Business Solution Software Engineer


Position: Microsoft Business Solution Software Engineer

I was part of Novensys team from November  2005 till June  2006.





When I started working with them, the first challenge appeared: being the first company that implemented Navision in Romania, they were exigent from the employment process. They also offered specialization classes in Microsoft Navision product, so I and the rest of the team were trained by  with a Microsoft Navision specialist for two weeks. Then two exams established my Certification as Microsoft Navision developer with very high scores (96 points out of 100, for the first examination, and 100 points, at the second exam).

Radu Poenaru - Microsoft Business Solution Software Engineer

After earning my certification as Navision developer, I was part of a team working for one of our most important clients. My main responsibilities included Navision solution development and customization.


  • implementation of documented updates,
  • new screens design,
  • new reports development using custom Navision Reporting,
  • primary testing functionalities,
  • Native Navision database design, tables and records updates, data verification
  • user preferences maintenance in the application,
  • communication with the consultants.

Tools used:

  • Microsoft Navision IDE

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Radu Poenaru - Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in SQL 2005

The two certifications that I earned during the time in which I was part of the Novensys team motivated me to achieve the recognition of my SQL skills also, becoming  Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in SQL 2005