PDC 2008 – Developing Applications Using Data Services

This presentation, is done by Mike Flasko, Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation. Smart, well prepared  and having good oratorical skills, he is one of the best presenters that I have listen to. He has several other blogs, interesting to see is also this one. He leads the Astoria team which has an interesting blog here.

For all of us who didn’t had the pleasure to go to the actual event, the link is on Channel 9 PDC area. Maybe next year we’ll shake hands with Mr. Mike Flasko.

Here are some of the things presented (this listing is just a teaser, you should discover the rest) :

  • New models for communication

TL07 A REST Interface for data

  • New modes to address entities and entity sets in Atom and JSON formats, using html querystrings whom can also do (!!! YUMMI !!!) sorting, filtering, paging.This presents the new idea for future – “Move from knowing the service to knowing the entity”.

TL07 URL Conventions

  • Uniform interface – no URIs used any more – the system will handle them transparently, in settings files.

TL07 Exploring data services


  • Remoting the query to data service and pushing data to cloud store.

TL07 PushToCloud: data services for storage in the Cloud

  • Reusing URIs – now you can cache them !!!


NOTE: All images presented here belong to Microsoft Corporation.

The show is presented in several formats for download and offline viewing: iPod (MP4)  WMV  WMV (High)  Zune