Companies and products that I worked on ( in descending chronological order )

fit Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Informationstechnik FIT

Since March 2009

Position: Research Assistant

Responsibilities: architect, design and develop applications using Objective-C and XCode for iPhone, C# and WPF for Microsoft Surface and in Flex 3

Technologies: .Net 3.5, Surface Framework, Objective-C, XCode, Interface Builder, webservices, XML and XSLT, RPC, Flex 3

Recommendations: upon request

Languages: English, German


I work under Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Prinz supervision, bringing to life really interesting projects in one of the most important research facilities of Europe.

image Alensa Romania products: www.Alensa.ro and www.alensa.rs

Period: February 2007 – October 2008

Position: Team leader, solution architect and senior software engineer

Responsibilities: Maximum uptime, maintenance and development of Alensa websites

Technologies: .Net 2.0. SQL 2005, Ajax, webservices, XML and XSLT

Recommendations: upon request

Languages: English, Romanian


I’ve joined Alensa team in February 2007 as senior programmer for the company brand new solution – online Healthcare project – www.Alensa.ro, which was developed initially by an outsourcing company for two years. Being a young company, I had to overlook all aspects regarding our web presence from hardware suggestions and server administering to website updating, testing and configuration.

My main responsibilities were to maintain and develop the web based solution using Microsoft ASP .NET / C# and SQL 2000 database. The first task was to upgrade in record time the system from .Net 1.1 and SQL 2000 to the newest reliable platform, which at that time was .Net 2.0 with SQL 2005. Other, but not less important responsibilities, were:

· Administering and server maintenance for Windows 2003 server, but also for IIS 6 and SQL 2005

· Architectural modifications and solution rebuilding to be more easy to use and user friendly

· Creating a real test environment, test cases and bug fixes

· Hardware suggestions, choosing an appropriate hosting partner

· Implementing real time traffic analysis tool to help management department

At the beginning of 2008 I was incharged to coordinate and supervise the entire Alensa software team. It consisted in 4 people who worked on different tasks improving our online platform. The main challenge I found out to be the different language and location, since all were located in Serbia and I was in Romanian office. Nevertheless, my team and I established quickly a good collaboration and I am proud that, after working for a time close together, one of my colleagues was able to took the responsibility of supervising the development and leading the team after I went to studies in RWTH Aachen University.

The platform contains now 2 websites country-wide ( Romania – www.alensa.ro and Serbia – www.alensa.rs ) and we’ve planned to launch next year another 2 in two different countries.

Since my arrival, Alensa established itself as a strong, reliable and trustful partners for its community. We repeatedly improved the website interface to bring it more to the customer needs, improving the modules to allow maximum flexibility – the most important and visible were:  Sale order was redesigned twice to meet the changed requirements, Doctors and Customer accounts updated to be interfaced in a fully featured Health Community etc.

I wish them, both the Alensa team and its users, Good luck and all the Health in the world!




image Ubisoft products: Peoplesoft – Totec project

Period: June 2006 – February 2007

Position: Senior software engineer

Responsibilities: ERP Senior software engineer

Technologies: Peoplesoft, Crystal Reports, Unitary and Primary testing

Languages: French, English, Romanian


Ubisoft is a leading international developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products.

During the eight month of employment, I participated in TOTEC project, which mainly customizes the data workflow through PeopleSoft implementation in manufacture. The goal was to improve the manufacturing process, from combining the needs of different regional subsidiaries into larger orders which can reside in a much lower price per unit. My main responsibilities included working with:

· Application Engines;

· Crystal Reporting System;

· database objects: fields, tables, views, work derived records, queries etc.;

· labels, pages, tables with more than two levels and transactional operations;

· import / export of files;

· unitary and primary testing;

· migration from / to development database.

As examples of my tasks, here is an enumeration:

· Crystal reports generation through jobs sent to clients mail;

· excel csv files export / import regarding partners order data who needed to be approved by the headquarters;

· create editable pages for data in multilevel tables.

Here I had the pleasure to improve my French fluency since the communication with the consultants and the team leaders was conducted in this language and just occasionally in English.




image Novensys products: Navision – Antalys implementation


Period: November 2005 – June 2006

Position: Senior software engineer

Responsibilities: MBS Senior software engineer ( Microsoft Business Solution)

Technologies: Navision, Reports, Unitary and Primary testing

Recommendations: upon request

Languages: English, Romanian


I joined the company from November 2005 till June 2006 as Microsoft Business Solution Software Engineer, and my main responsibilities were to develop and customize Microsoft Navision solutions.

Because they were the best company that proposed Navision alternative to traditional ERP systems in Romania, they implemented a very exigent training system – all new colleagues must learn and become certified Navision programmers. Being among the first that have foreseen the future of Navision in our country, they took the responsibility of preparing us in a not so known at that time Navision area, allowing us to study in depth also by inviting a Microsoft Navision specialist and certified trainer for two weeks and all those efforts translated in my scores at exam – my Certification as Microsoft Navision Developer with very high scores, at first examination 96 points out of 100 and the second 100 from 100.

My activity there as certified developer was intensive after tr
aining period. I have been part of a team that was responsible of one of our most important clients. I did my best in providing best solutions for customer requirements, adapting the solution to their particular needs. They recommended me as “Mr. Radu Poenaru confirmed our expectations and is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, and how to get it done quickly and effectively.




clip_image002 Totalsoft products: Business Commander and others


Period: January 2004 – November 2005

Position: Senior software engineer

Responsibilities: Senior software engineer

Technologies: Borland Delphi 5, 6, 7 , SQL 7 and 2000, Crystal Reports,

Visual Studio .Net 2003, C#, .Net 1.1, XML and XSLT

Windows pocket PC’s programming, Win CE, SQL CE

Recommendations: upon request

Languages: English, Romanian


I joined the company on January 2004 till October 2006 as senior programmer, but having also some project management responsibilities.

Main responsibilities were to deliver high quality software products, using the advanced technologies at that time as Borland Delphi 7 Enterprise, Visual Studio 2003 C# .Net 1.1 both Winforms and Webforms, but also Smart Devices programming, ADO and Microsoft SQL database and in-house developed custom controls. Because I was very involved, perseverant and I had quality results and managed complex tasks, my professional level rinsed much in two years and I’ve become responsible of the software solution for one of our biggest clients, a much known pharmaceutical products importer.

My main challenges changed as time passed, but I can count:

– In depth discussions with client, approach that solved many issues from their beginning, also letting our clients know that we are there for them

– Maintenance and development of solution, accordingly to the client’s needs.

– The transition from Romanian old currency (ROL) – the denomination process

– Windows pocket PC’s programming – interfacing the main product ( Warehouse edition ) with Poc kept PC for improving sales productivity- the field salesman’s used Palms for accessing stock data, create orders and confirm them, so when returning to the warehouse new deliveries were available to be picked up.

I didn’t limited my involvement in this company to my main project, but rather seeked new challenges and things to learn and so I took some responsibilities, in different departments in this company, in development of the eORDA website solution for National Romanian Authority regarding Copyrights.




Softwise products: Predator, Wiznews and others


Period: January 2002 – January 2004

Position: Senior software engineer

Responsibilities: Project manager / Senior software engineer

Technologies: Borland Delphi 5, 6, 7 , SQL 7 and 2000, Crystal Reports,

Visual Studio .Net 2003, C#, .Net 1.1,

Windows pocket PC’s programming

Recommendations: upon request

Languages: English, Romanian

I worked at Softwise Development Company from January 2002 till January 2004, starting as  software engineer and receiving gradually more responsibilities until reaching the position of senior software engineer incorporating team leading and project management.

My main task was to deliver high quality software coding products, using the newest technologies at that time like Borland Delphi 7 Enterprise, ADO, and Microsoft Access, Windows API programming and in-house developed custom controls. Other assignments covered:

– Delivering IT projects conform to user specification, on time and on budget requirements;

– Testing functionalities and modules;

– Documenting IT policies and procedures;

– Scheduling the project tasks;

– Maintaining the IT security in line with group specifications;

– Maintaining the database, updating data and records checking.

In the last six months , I was given the responsibility to manage several projects which he completed within the budget and time frame, leading to a promotion to project manager. I was able to prove my professional potential, trying to demonstrate my leadership ability. My employer commented this : “He was very efficient and achieved the goals with high motivation. Therefore, Mr. POENARU was greatly appreciated in our company.”.

Among my projects in this company I can mention:

  • Predator
  • Wiznews
  • Forestry
  • Mergus Product manager
  • Docvault
  • Curs Valutar ( Exchange )


  • Kommentator
  • GuardLocations
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