Predator - retrieving all your assets on Yahoo Groups, no matter if they are images, documents or videos Predator is a project engineered by me and later on in team in Softwise Development company to be a interface between Yahoo Groups site and the home user, giving to every one of these groups the ability to do almost anything that they can do directly at Yahoo. And this by using the Windows capabilities (multi select, multithreading download etc). You’ll be able to download any file format (images, movies, archives, documents).

It allows to user to download files from the photo area, file area and the message area all in one click! View these photo’s with own slide show system and you will also have the opportunity to just pick the ones that you want and throw out the rest!

Another feature is that you can change account information, the ability to leave a group or groups, start a new group, edit your user, profile, change your email settings, read and reply to posted messages, chat, add to or view bookmarks.

Allows you to find any file type that you are looking for. This can be .avi, .gif, .zip .mpeg .rar and so on. When using Predator, you can search for the keywords that you are looking for and retrieve all known groups that matches your search pattern. Once you have received you set of groups, they are stored on your hard drive. Now, every time that you visit these groups, only the newly added files are retrieved. No duplicates are downloaded. When your ready to send a message either by itself or with a file attached, all you need to do is tag the groups that you want to send your message to and its done. No more having to separately go to these groups to do this. There are many more features that Predator gives the user. More flexibility than any web site or software product on the Internet

User have the ability to automatically join a group. Send emails with attachments to any group. Either one, a few or the entire list of groups that you are a member of.

Gives to the user the power of storing your newly found files within it’s own subdirectory On-The-Fly! This feature, when downloading your files, will create a subdirectory of the group and place all files that are downloaded within this subdirectory so you know where the files came from.

Also, Multi-threading download pool to speed up file retrieval, the number of download channels can be set either manually, or automatically selecting a connection speed from the list.Built-in picture viewer/thumbnail program that allow users to view graphics as they are being downloaded. Picture after picture will appear as they are received!

Some screenshots:

Predator1 Predator2 Predator3 Predator4 Predator5 Predator6

No download available, ask at office for more information. Or you can take a look on the Softwise Development website to find out more.