SCRUM Presentation

Scrum process - during an iteration, the customer might change its idea. After a very intensive and practical Agile Lab, in which I had to prepare two talks – one on Agile techniques and other on Geolocation, today I had the pleasure of participating in a very nice SCRUM Talk presented by Mr. Jens Trompeter, Board Member in Itemis company.

Itemis company is specialized in Model Driven Software development. Its products ranges from mobile and embedded applications to Eclipse Modeling Project. They also offer Consulting and coaching and Agile project management.

We acknowledged today that there's more in SCRUM than just that we learned  from the Agile Lab and OOSC class: we had the opportunity to get real life, production-grade advices on how actually this technique (who is used to manage the projects) can help companies to finish projects in a timely and budget manner. Also, we understood that Agile techniques complement really well the SCRUM managing by filling the gap in software development. So both these methodologies can drive creation of a software product to a success if properly managed and understood.


We had in the first part a general theoretical presentation of the concepts and the involved roles who helped me remember the key concepts learned also in the Agile lab. In the second part, we had a more practical presentation on how these techniques are applied. Mr. Trompeter was very patient with us, students, interrupting himself many times to respond to our questions.


Today's presentation came as a practical complement to the Object Oriented Software Construction(OOSC) course, who introduced us with concepts as

  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.0
  • Introduction Java 5.0
  • Introduction CASE tools (Eclipse)
  • Requirements Elicitation and Analysis
  • System Design (Software Architectures)
  • Object Design (Design Patterns, Interface Specification)
  • Testing (Unit Testing with JUnit, Integration Tests)
  • Configuration Management (including Subversion)
  • Selected Topics from Software Engineering

With all these in mind, I'm very happy that I took part to this presentation. I left with a very nice package of information who I hope will help me in my career.