SharePoint 2010 – a technical overview for software developer

Microsoft SharePoint 2010


Recently I started looking for jobs, because my master thesis will come to an end and I am too dynamic to loose time after graduation searching for the perfect job.

Since I am a certified ASP .Net 3.5 professional, I started looking in this direction – but almost anyone associated ASP with SharePoint. Since I didn’t had any clue about SharePoint, I enjoyed very much the opportunity to take part in a technical workshop on this theme.

So on a very beautiful day of 8th of March (yes, on the Woman’s day), I woke up and traveled to Köln, where the workshop was held. At 10 AM the workshop, presented by Šenaj Lelic, maguro DataAssist GmbH and seconded by Peter Kirchner, Program Manager ISV for Developer Platform & Strategy Group.

The workshop was focused on different features, starting with a technical overview of SharePoint 2010 which prepared the audience including the presentation of new features in SharePoint 2010 which were interesting for us, developers.Share Point 2007 - older, but bolder

Then the talk was focused on visual features like ribbons, client object model, Silverlight, Workflow. Then, because everything is now related to the Cloud, the next point in line was the overview of the way in which SharePoint 2010 can collaborate in the cloud with Office 365 and the new platform for SharePoint solutions.SharePoint 2010 - Advantages

Digging deeper into the subject, we were presented also some development tricks and then Mr. Lelic discussed about Visual Studio 2010, Sandboxed Solutions, Developer Dashboard, Office Integration and Development, how to use Visio to enhance SharePoint.SharePoint 2010 - Developer's heaven

SharePoint 2010 - Deep dive into the featuresThe last part of the workshop was done buy Mr. Kirchner and was composed from a introduction to the business side of Sharepoint: a quick 1-2-3: SharePoint presentation to your clients which I found very instructive, being the distillation of the entire workshop, followed by a small presentation from the sales person’s view about knowledge development: what should you know to inform and when?

It was a really cool event, a gradually insertion into the subject, presenting both the advanced features (from the developer point of view) but also a nice sales perspective on the product, allowing us, the devs, to have a perspective on the value and business opportunities that SharePoint 2010 has.

I also have to mention the quality time in lunch break that we had with XBOX 360 with Kinect:

Just enjoying the Kinect during lunch break