Softwise Development

Softwise Development, the company that shaped me as developer

Positions: Junior to Senior Developer, Project Manager

Softwise Development is the company that shaped me as developer. I worked there for 2 years,  between January 2002 and January 2004. I enjoyed there not only a good atmosphere, but also discovered a friend in the person of Mr. Dan Trutia, CEO of the company. I was his first employee and I believe that we created a good team. Together we raised the company to a 10 people business, having international contractors while working in software outsourcing industry.

There I had quite a few projects, challenge being the word of the day. I learn a lot about developing Object Oriented applications in Delphi 5 and 6, Access databases, PHP and MySQL, Windows API programming and not to mention user accessibility techniques, helping users with eye problems.

In the last six months of his employment, I was trusted with the responsibility to manage several projects to completion in budget and timely manner, being advanced to project manager. I enjoyed this opportunity and tried my best to prove my professional potential and leadership ability. Being a manager on several projects, I was responsible for conducting many meetings with the customers, conducting requirement analysis and requirements engineering that lead to successful projects.


  • Delivering IT projects to user specification, on time and on budget
  • Testing functionalities and modules
  • Documenting IT policies and procedures
  • Scheduling the project tasks
  • Maintaining the IT security in line with group specifications
  • Database maintenance, data updates and records checking

Technologies that I used were:

  • Borland Delphi 6 and 7 Enterprise, custom built controls.
  • Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL databases, ADO
  • Windows ‘98 Api programming
  • PHP and MySQL for server-side applications

> Projects that I worked on for Softwise Development