SpringBoard 2010 – RIA Business Applications


Today I had the pleasure to present the “RIA Business Applications“. This was a conference of Microsoft Student Partners, of which I am a proud member. My talk covered the Visual Studio 2010 RIA business template, Silverlight 4 in general, RIA WCF and more than this, the Business perspective on software development.

Silverlight, Entities and RIA WCF service combined brings in business world a new approach, outclassing previous implementations of processes by taking what is good in both worlds, of web and desktop applications. It combines the power of a client side application with the web availability, offering a quick way to improve the experience of the business users.

First, we had a quick walkthrough through different options that a user can have when building a Silverlight application, for business or not:

  • the Silverlight template, who offers only the basics required to create a Silverlight application
  • Navigation template, who adds navigation and deep linking in the picture
  • Business template, who, besides navigation, inserts also a RIA WCF service into the solution and links it to the corresponding Silverlight project.

Then we jumped into the code, the rest of the presentation focusing on features required by professionals :

  • different templates for editing and viewing,
  • Domain Data Source who encapsulates and exposes strong types,
  • the CollectionViewSource object and its use,
  • Drag&Drop databinding, Charting,
  • cross field validation including the new INotifyDataError,
  • Camera usage in a real application,
  • Printing features in Silverlight 4 with custom templates,
  • Clipboard interaction – copy / paste into Excel,
  • Theming of application – usage and switching,
  • Contextual menus at right click and their scopes and availability,
  • the new Commanding feature from Silverlight 4

I had a lot to present, jumping from code to PowerPoint presentation, in a very fast pace.