So it’s been now 1 month since I had my LASIK surgery. In this month I had a very strict program with my drops provided by EyeStar center. I used them as prescribed. I believe that my eyes didn’t need so much artificial tears, but if the doctor says it is important you have to take them!

1 month since LASIK

After I did a lot of research on LASIK, chosen EyeStar for my treatment and speak a lot with their patient coordinators, it was time to choose a way to get there. On the center page, they offer also a free service of helping you book your transportation and reservation at one of the hotels with whom they have partnership.

Trip and LASIK Operation

After setting my “eyes” (kind of strange to say that isn’t it) on a company that does LASIK, I started to use a very nice feature of their website: instant messaging with the Patient coordinators. First I discussed with Mr. Fred, who was more than happy to clarify all my doubts and respond to all my questions.

Discussions with EyeStar Patient Coordinators

In this series of articles I will present my own experience with LASIK. All started around 4 years ago when I was  so disappointed in wearing gasses in winter time. Any time when I went from freezing outside to the warm of a shop, by example, my glasses become full […]

My own LASIK experience