As part of the Microsoft Student Partners  I was invited to take part yet again from a Social Media Reporting team. This time is the CeBIT, a huge conference about consumer electronics. We arrived yesterday, on 2nd of March, to prepare ourselves for the challenge. In the morning we just […]

My first day at CeBIT

I am Microsoft Certified since 2006, Technology Specialist in SQL 2005 and Business Management Solution Specialist in Microsoft Dynamics. Thus, I already own an Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) ID. Recently I’ve passed the ASP.Net 3.5 Certification exam and the Certification center sent me a link to activate my Microsoft Certified Professional program. This also implies that you’ll get a new MCP ID. Here I explain how one can consolidate all its MCP IDs.

How to Consolidate 2 Microsoft Certified Professional IDs

Today I had the pleasure to make the first step in Microsoft Student Partners organization (West Germany branch). So I applied by sending to Microsoft Student Partners enrollment e-mail address a cover letter, my cv and a short description. After a while, I got a call from Anton Schweizer, Senior Student Partner, and I was invited to an interview.

Microsoft Student Partners

Assume that you have an plain text, old Comma Separated Values file filled with your precious export from a legacy system. How can you process it easily now? The first answer that is worth considering is parse it to LINQ, the language-integrated query, which is a collection of extensions to the .NET Framework that encompass language-integrated query, set, and transform operations.

Import CSV file and query it with LINQ

When I started working with Novensys, the first challenge appeared: being the first company that implemented Navision in Romania, they were exigent from the employment process. They also offered specialization classes in Microsoft Navision product, so I and the rest of the team were trained by with a Microsoft Navision specialist for two weeks.

Novensys Corporation