As part of the Microsoft Student Partners  I was invited to take part yet again from a Social Media Reporting team. This time is the CeBIT, a huge conference about consumer electronics. We arrived yesterday, on 2nd of March, to prepare ourselves for the challenge. In the morning we just […]

My first day at CeBIT

As part of Microsoft Student Partner organisation (MSP), I am trying my best to EVANGELIZE: promote Microsoft technologies through workshops, presentations, representing the organisation in front of the students.

Expert Student Partner

Windows Phone 7
So I wanted to develop for the Windows Phone device. I started humble, reading and understanding any source of information. I saw a lot of MIX conferences, blogs, webcasts. After some time I got the opportunity of having a device. Naturally, I wanted to deploy my applications on the device, having a proof that they work as they were supposed to. But this wasn’t so easy!

5 Steps to Deploy on WP7 device