BSCW architecture
Be careful when copying information from this article! The paper is already published and you will be charged with plagiarism! My thesis proposes several approaches as result of the research questions. Their validity of each approach should be verified by allowing users to interact with a prototype built to fulfill […]

Master thesis – Implementation of Repositories

My experience on Microsoft Surface
I am very close to finish another project in Fraunhofer FIT: IdeaPitch on the Microsoft Surface. This concept is very simple, you are able to “store” ideas in a repository, created using PHP and MySQL, and later on manipulate it on Microsoft Surface, along with the rest of the contributors. […]

IdeaPitch – built on Microsoft Surface

A very interesting feature added in WordPress is the post revisions tracking, like in version control systems. During the life of your Wordpress website database may grow bigger and filled with useless data, mostly when user prefer the built-in editor and clicks often on “Save” button .These revisions are stored the WordPress database in wp_posts table, with post_type set to ‘revision’.

WordPress – managing Post Revisions Tracking