The User Interface

This week we work also on the User Interface – the Flash GUI. It was challenging since neither me nor Loredana had previous experience in creating games under this application.

Because of this fact, we searched for some advices on the net and after quite a long trial and errors we found something interesting here . Even that it didn’t met all requirements, this tutorial was what we needed to get a quick start.

The animal images are free clip arts taken from

After following the steps and understood the concepts,we modified the application to :

  1. Change the resolution, as it has to run on a projector
  2. Redesign the entire scene graphics, but keeping basic elements like scoring and timer.
  3. Change the game’s AI from
    • how many simultaneously balloons you can hit in a specific period of time to
    • having only one target available at one time and you can get another one only if you hit the current one
  4. Remove the old targets and create 6 new ones more appealing.
  5. Implement the Arduino interface classes taken from here.

After all this modifications, we present our visual part of the extraneous game (the resolution here was reduced to 400×300):

The application creates 4 spots in the bottom of the scene and 2 in the top to show randomly an new animal each time one is hit. This areas are hit areas designed to respond to physical sensors placed on the back of the board on which the Flash Game will be projected.

Thus, the game will respond to user input (when he hits the board in a specific spot) by showing another random animal in a random spot.

For easy of testing, we kept also mouse interaction.