TotalSoft - Senior Developer on Charisma Business Commander


Position: Senior Developer

I had the pleasure of working in Totalsoft Charisma team between the February, 2004 and the November, 2005.

In almost two years, I had the opportunity of working on a large variety of the company’s products, but mainly I was a key member in the team developing the Charisma Business Commander product. Charisma BC is the solution which brought TotalSoft’s recognition on the market of pharmaceutical distribution, being implemented by six of the largest companies in this complex activity sector in Romania. Tens of thousands of daily transactions carried out all over the country are achieved with through this application who manages their warehouses.

I also developed some features on the associated Sales Force Automation tool. It is a WindowsCE application running on smart devices (PDAs). This application enabled sales persons to check the stocks and create orders on pharmacy site, thus improving their flexibility in serving their customers – pharmacies.

My responsibilities were:

  • developing new product functionalities
  • testing and bug fixing
  • product customization for different clients having different requirements
  • product modifications due to business logic changes
  • business layer development
  • document flux optimization
  • database developments, data transfer and records coherence verification
  • requirement gathering, analysis and engineering after in-depth discussions with the customers

In order to accomplish the tasks, I used the following technologies on daily basis:

  • Delphi 5,6 Enterprise
  • SQL Server 2000
  • Crystal Reporting system
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, .Net 1.1 Webforms, Winforms, Smart Device programming
  • Microsoft Visual Source Safe

Later on, because I proved to be a reliable and efficient developer, I was assigned the denomination process due to the transition from the Romanian old currency – the leu (ROL) to the new leu (RON). I completed the task for both Business Commander and Sales Force Automation successfully, proving both to my colleagues and me that I worth the challenge and gaining even more trust in my capabilities.

I also had both the opportunity and the challenge to conduct the discussions with the clients of the software that I developed regarding their specific requirements for the resulted product. I also was in charge the product implementation and customization at customers’ sites, creating and encouraging a very close professional relationship with them to better understanding their idea about the product.