Windows Live SkyDrive – whooping 25 GB of backup

Being not a big fan of Microsoft Live products (I discovered few months ago Live Writer, but doesn’t count) I did not know about this service. I had to hand in back to the company that I worked for the laptop, so I needed intermediate space in order to preserve my written knowledge. Getting started with Windows Live SkyDrive is very straight forward. If you don’t already have a MSN account, get one by signing up for a Windows Live account. Then you’ll be able to get access to the free software that you’ll need to start using SkyDrive.
Immediately after you’re set up, an whooping amount of 25 GB of free space will be available to you to access from any internet connected PC or Web-enabled mobile device. On your desktop, you can even drag and drop files directly from your PC to your SkyDrive with the optional upload ActiveX tool.

What can you Store

Since it is your own space, store whatever you need or want to, but be on the law side – no copyright abuse, as written in Terms and conditions for using this service. This is your online safe, but use it wisely. If you own or use multiple computers, you can skip from now on uploading files in your email – you can access the same files wherever you go.

Share the knowledge

If you would like to share your hard worked files with your friends, coworkers, family or everyone (after all, internet is here to help us)? You can put data in a personal folder if it is private or the public folder, where it gets shared as you wish. Another key point is that each folders in your SkyDrive gets its own link and you can send it in an e-mail, add as a favorite, paste in a document, save as a shortcut… whatever you want to do.