Windows Phone 7 Game development

Windows Phone 7

My workshop on Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 Game development

On 9-10 October 2010, I had the pleasure to be Microsoft Student Partner Presenter in one of the nicest events that I was in. Me and my MSP colleague, Sebastian Stünkel, co-presented a 2 day workshop and theoretical talk on Windows Phone 7 gaming, event hosted in Duisburg-Essen University by Robert Walter. The recipe was quite simple:

First day:

  • Windows Phone 7 – the device and its features
  • Tools for creating applications
  • XNA presentation
  • Game development with XNA
  • Lunch break
  • Accelerometer API
  • Multitouch
  • Open End Programming

Second day:

  • Day 1 Round-Up
  • Silverlight presentation
  • Silverlight Apps and Games
  • Lunch break
  • Marketplace / Services
  • Open End Programming

I started with a warm-up session, presented the device and its key features – design, Metro theme, hubs etc. Then  I’ve moved to a more interesting area for Computer science students and to the tools that make all possible: the amazing duo of Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Studio. Three screens and a cloud

After the students got some taste of this, my colleague presented the XNA side of the story – what is it and how to use it to create games. All was interesting such that no one wanted lunch before it was ended! After the lunch, we proceeded in learning more about the inner features of the Windows Phone 7 and how to create a wonderful user experience!Presenting Expression Blend

The day continued with a XNA presentation. giving the fact that most of the students had already contact with XNA, the standards were quite high. We finished the day with an open end development, where Sebastian presented the way of building an XNA game for Windows Phone 7.

After a tiring first day, only the feeling of a well-done job kept me from sleeping on the train back to Bonn!

But the second day awaited, full of even nicer features to present and demonstrate to our audience, which was more than eager to learn!

Second day started fast, with previous day round-up, questions and some clarifications of key concepts that I wanted to be very well understood by the students. I proceeded afterwards with a hands-on programming of examples for location services. The presentation of the smooth and easy way to get your location got also a complementary software implementation of the presented services, proofing that developing location aware applications is easier than never if you understand thoroughly the concepts.

Location on Windows Phone 7

I presented also Push notifications, another interesting point in developing applications for Windows Phone 7. As you might get used to, the demos and theoretical presentation were both present in the same room!


After lunch, I presented to the students how can they make real money with their brains and virtual information – Marketplace was a concept very loved by my audience. The proof is that it had quite a lot of questions, marking the interest of young entrepreneurs! I just wait to count how many interesting applications will these students do after our workshop.

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

Finally, the grand end was a game development made by Sebastian, who showed how easy is to create a plane shooting game in Visual Studio, using XNA.


The atmosphere was good, students curious, we were eager to share!