Workshop on Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7

I'll present this workshop on Windows Phone 7I will be the Presenter in a new workshop in Uni-Bonn in which I will introduce the students to the newest phone on the market, Windows Phone 7. Even if  it seems very resembling with my first one, you’ll find plenty of new and interesting new things to learn.

Location: CIP Pool (Windows-CIP-Pool in the outside yard container in the back of the Uni-Bonn, near the gym Halle 5)

Date: Friday, 19.11.2010 Update : Friday, 26.11.2010 (Sorry, unfortunately an administrative problem prevent it to be held at original date)

Duration: between 9:30 and 15-16:00  depending on your enthusiasm! And of course, we'll have a lunch break at 12-12:30.

In this workshop we will focus on developing a Silverlight application for the Phone, a Twitter client. This hands-on workshop will go deeper with technology more than theoretical presentations, such that you get what you’ll come for: the knowledge of developing for the Phone.My Windows Phone 7 workshop


The picture in the left is the preview of the application that we’ll build and we will learn the following(depicted by the numbers on the image):

1. Working with data

  • Get remote data from REST webservices,
  • transform it into collections using LINQ
  • Binding data to a list and create visual templates
  • understand and use the Model –View–VIewModel pattern

2. Mock data such that  also designers be able to work while we develop code

3. Navigation and Settings

  • Use the Application Bar
  • Using the NavigationService to navigate between our application’s views
  • Working with Isolated Storage to save our persistent data to the Phone’s memory.
  • Adapt our application according to the Phone orientation

4. Use the gestures to enhance user’s experience into the application: Flicks, Drag, Pinch, Zoom etc.

5 Use of a Social networking API ( Twitter API ) to retrieve tweets

And further more, if time permits:

6. Location services (for posting geotagged tweets) and mocking at development time the Location Service.

7. Authentication using OAuth to Twitter API

Administrative stuff

  1. The workshop is FREE of charge and will be held in English.
  2. All participants can receive a Participation Diploma stating that they took part in this workshop and the technologies that were presented
  3. The seats are limited and the registration is First come, First registered by sending an e-mail to . However, if there are too many students that want to attend this workshop, I will setup a second date where the rest will be invited.

If you prefer to bring your laptop*, you’ll need to install:

  1. the latest Windows Phone 7 development tools ( it’s just one installer, found here – it will install almost everything you need)
  2. The Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit released in September 2010 for the gesture support library.

 * NOTE: If you want to use your laptop be sure to have some Internet connection link, either through  Uni-Bonn WLAN or some additional way like mobile internet access.


I hope you’ll have fun!