WP7 Workshop Contest

Windows Phone 7

I love teaching, but more than this I enjoy motivating people to do their best. This is why the yesterday's workshop will have a very nice continuation, more practical and challenging than the workshop itself:


We’ll have a CONTEST!


WP7 contest

It will allow all participants in the workshop to develop the Windows Phone 7 application of their dreams and compete for a Microsoft Certification voucher, which fully covers the exam fees. The prize will allow to the lucky winner to get certified in a Microsoft technology. helping him or her to have a better start in its career after finishing studies. You can read here about the importance of having certifications.

If you want to go further, you can register for free on the Marketplace and start selling your application – following this simple 5 steps.

*Note* : this contest is available only to the people enrolled in my Workshop.

Contest stages and rules:

  1. Learning: In the workshop you’ve learnt about Windows Phone 7 (WP7 from now on) and related technologies (on Friday 26th)
  2. Development: During the next week you can freely work on your own idea of a WP7 application (until Sunday 5th 23:59) – two weekends to develop your ideas. Be wild and creative! (between 27th of November and 5th of December 23:59 )

    Note: We can set a day on that week to meet and discuss the problems you faced in your application.

  3. Submission: All application submitted until Sunday, 5th of December 23:59 to my e-mail (radu.poenaru@studentpartners.de) will participate in the contest. The deliverables are the archived sources of your application and a movie with the application running to demo the features (optional, but highly recommended in case that the code would not compile on other’s computers) – for capturing the emulator screen you can use Expression Studio 4 – Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture, which is free of charge for students on MSDNAA.
  4. Evaluation: In the next 2 days (6th and 7th of December) I will post the code and the movies online, such that all the contest participants who submitted apps will have access to them. Only they can vote – only once per OTHER’s application, giving from 1 to 5 stars/points. The votes will be sent by mail to me: radu.poenaru@studentpartners.de.

    Note: ONLY the contest participants who submitted an application  will be able to grade the applications! So participate to the contest! Keep in mind that all others are starters just like you in development on Windows Phone 7– Never say never!

  5. Rewarding: On 10th of December, the owner of the application with the greatest number of stars/points will win the voucher certification.



You develop, you submit, you grade, you win!

Good luck!